Italian LGBT Activism Confronts Some Political Inopportunity Structures

Massimo Prearo LGBT activism


in CritCom « Over the European Rainbow »

According to the Rainbow Map 2013 established by the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) Europe, with a rate of “respect for human rights and equality” of 19 percent, Italy is one of the least protective or egalitarian European countries for sexual minorities.

In this country, despite the fact that in recent decades several bills have been presented to parliament for discussion, no legislation recognizing same-sex couples and ancillary rights was ever adopted. Apart from the antidiscrimination laws fighting against discrimination at work adopted in 2003 and a law authorizing the change of sex in documents of civil status (1982), which LGBT organizations are now demanding be revised so that legal gender change not be conditioned on sex reassignment surgery, Italian legislators firmly resist the claims brought by the LGBT movement and seem impermeable to anti-discrimination policies promoted at the European level.

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